Thor Version 1.0.4

Video Player Pro

Have the most professional video player on your site. You are a professional.

Payment Methods Other Than Digital Currency
You can enter to pay through the bank portal and follow the steps below:

1- Pay the payment amount for the plugin (pay attention to the prices of different plans)
2- Send us the payment reference code from the support methods along with the type of plan.
3- We will review the payment and activate the product for you.



Quickly manage and view videos and scroll through multiple pages if there are too many videos.
Add Video
On the Video Plugin page, easily add your video and adjust all the fields.
Create your playlists and insert your videos in the playlist, and if the playlist increases, the pages will not be managed.
One of the best features of the plugin is subtitle support. The file with structure (srt) is fully supported.
Enable commenting for your videos so that your users can comment on each video individually.
By activating the analysis system, you can see the views and incoming traffic of your videos.
Create your own videos with all the features and manage them without any restrictions.
End Screen
Add a card and end screen to your time line for your videos and set their timing.